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We undertake surveys on leisure craft for a wide base of customers covering a variety of vessels from sailing craft, powerboats, historical vessels, narrowboats, ribs, personal watercraft etc.

Pre-Purchase Condition Survey

This is the most comprehensive survey that we offer and requires preparation prior to survey commencing: it is non -destructive and non- dismantling by nature and will report upon all accessible areas of structure, machinery, systems etc.


Reports are typically 20 pages and include graded recommendations to assist the purchaser in making an informed decision.


Condition Survey For Insurance

As the pre-purchase survey it is detailed regarding the inspection but with particular emphasis on structural and safety issues. This is usually requested on vessels of a certain age and when changing insurance company. As experienced long standing surveyors our reports are accepted by all of the major insurance companies and underwriters.


Structural Condition Survey

This would usually include hull, keel, deck and associated structure plus stern-gear, rudder gear and skin fittings.


Osmosis Survey

On FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) hulls inspection would include moisture testing using Sovereign and Tramex meters, tap and scratch testing, visual testing with naked eye and magnifying glass, Ph testing of any moisture from blistering (if found).


Sea Trials

Condition surveys do not include a sea trial, but with adequate preparation and assuming the craft is in good order (ascertained after structural survey) a sea trial can be carried out, although overall responsibility, including navigation and handling, will stay with the owner or his representative.


Even though much can be ascertained from a sea trial, our expertise as general surveyors does not include the necessary equipment or training required to evaluate the enduring condition of large modern marine diesel engines and it is therefore recommended that a competent marine engineer (familiar with the particular engine) is invited along in order to provide the correct degree of specialist knowledge.


Observations and data will be recorded on the efficiency of the engine controls and stops, instrumentation, navigation equipment, exhausts, engine mountings, shaft alignment, rudder and stern-glands and trunking, ballast keel support grids, and investigation of movement of hull/deck whilst under power.



Thickness Testing (For Steel and Aluminium Vessels)

This type of survey would be undertaken in order to gauge the hull and deck condition of metal hulled vessels and will provide a representative report and highlight any areas of plate thinning and wastage.


We can offer this service either with or without removing paint layers depending on actual condition of surfaces to be tested.


Results are tabulated for ease of understanding and trends of wastage can be highlighted very easily. However the results obtained are point thicknesses and do not suggest that adjacent areas of plating are of the same thickness nor does it take into account wastage through localized pitting. This can be assessed but requires a full structural survey to be carried out.




Valuation Inspection

Valuation surveys are usually carried out on behalf of buyers requiring finance or security. They are sometimes requested by underwriters and should not be confused with a condition survey. In fact they are observations and opinions as to the value of the craft and make no comment as to the condition unless of course they are requested in tandem with a condition survey.


There is usually no requirement to inspect the vessel out of the water for this type of examination.


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