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With our wide ranging experience as surveyors and boat-builders of both inland and coastal craft we are able to offer a unique and fully integrated service for the inland waterways boat owner.





This is typically the most comprehensive survey that we offer and requires preparation prior to survey commencing; it is non-destructive and non-dismantling by nature and will report upon all accessible areas of structure, machinery, systems etc.


The survey would follow the general pre-purchase survey guidelines; however the requirement for ensuring that the vessel is slipped or chocked to allow good access to the hull bottom is of particular importance. Many inland waterways slipways are unsuitable for a full comprehensive bottom inspection which can limit the effectiveness of the survey. With narrowboats particular emphasis will be given to areas of possible downflooding and structural irregularities.


Reports are likely to be 20 pages and include graded recommendations to assist the purchaser in making an informed decision.


Condition Survey (Typically For Insurance)

As the pre-purchase survey this is detailed regarding structural inspection but with further particular emphasis on safety issues, etc.  It is usually requested on vessels of a certain age and when changing insurance company.


As experienced long standing surveyors our reports are accepted by all of the major insurance companies and underwriters.

RCD Compliance

All craft built for leisure purposes within the European community since June 1998 are required to conform to the essential requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive.


The service we offer to builders and home builders of narrow boats and wide beam craft, including Dutch Barges, in order to achieve compliance with the Directive, includes compilation of technical file, production of owners manual, stability assessment and inclining test when necessary, and requires a close liaison during build and fitting out stages.

Boat Safety Scheme Certification

We have been licensed by British Waterways and the Environment Agency to carry out Boat Safety Scheme examinations having successfully completed the BSS examiners course in 2003. Since then we have examined many different types of craft for both private and commercial customers.


The inspection is generally carried out with the vessel afloat and does not in any way reflect the general structural condition of the vessel, except for ascertaining that the requirements, as laid down by the scheme, are complied with. There is no room for opinion with certification, it either complies or it does not!


British Waterways and the Environment Agency are the two major navigation authorities in charge of inland rivers, canals, estuaries and harbours in the UK. All craft wishing to cruise on the inland waterways network must be registered with the appropriate region of British Waterways or the Environment Agency. Failure to do so may result in prosecution and a fine.

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